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Bianca van der Werf

Highly talented and young photographer. With her background in art, there is no lack of artistry in her photography as well, and the diversity of her work is breathtaking. She seems to be able to excel in many areas of photography... a really outstanding and exceptional talent.

Charo Diez

Talented travel and (travel-)portrait photographer. He has a gift for portraying people...

Colin Flanary Graham

Some very beautiful and moody (coastal) pictures, often taken in weather conditions others would not seem fit for photography, but Colin shows us all wrong in a most dramatic manner... also some very fine personal musings about photography.

Desiree Dolron

Beautiful atmospheric pictures, in some ways reminding of 17th century Dutch painting. Her Exteriors series is outstanding (but actually all of her series on this site...).

Emil Schildt

Absolute stunning, and highly artistic, nude and studio portrait photography. The way he uses light is mind boggling... Also a big inspiration in terms of alternative analog photographic techniques like liquid emulsion, cyanotype, painting with light, etc. His work leaves Photoshop biting the dust...

Gregory Colbert

His Ashes and Snow series seems to be a life long project, but what results! The way he depicts people in combination with wildlife is awe inspiring. Also one of the most beautiful photography websites I know of. A real joy to explore.

Jimmy Nelson

Some stunning large format portrait photography inbetween more commercial work. He is currently (2012) working on a new non-commercial project involving 21 tribes photographed world wide, which this link references.

Jim Brandenburg

Beautiful landscape and wildlife photography.

Larry Towell

Magnum photographer and journalist Larry Towell has been to some very difficult places in the world, like Gaza and Westbank, and San Salvador during the civil war. Closing in on his subjects in their struggle for survival amid the turmoil, he tells the stories of everyday live and tragedy in such areas.

Layla Aerts

I like her casual reportage style. Compelling social reportages from all over the globe.

Phil Borges

At times highly stylized, yet very true, and exceptional portraits of indigenous people and their cultures from all over the globe.

Robb Kendrick

Besides his outstanding commercial work, Robb Kendrick has created an astonishing body of tintype work as a more personal project. Working in this elaborate process from the ancient days of photography, involving exposing a still wet plate coated with photo chemically reactive emulsion, he has created some very special images of cowboys and other subjects.

Sebastião Salgado

Highly awarded photojournalist. His Black & White reportage photos of many parts of the world, depicting all kinds of human suffering and survival in hard conditions, are among the best I have ever seen... His book "Africa" is heart breaking.

Tim Rudman

B&W landscape photographer Tim Rudman is also a well known expert on toning of B&W prints and the art of Lith printing. He has written several books on these subjects, and his photography and printing employing these techniques is inspiring.


Over the past few years, I have been going on a kind of "musical voyage of discovery" by borrowing a large number of CD's from our local public library, often simply picking out a CD without knowing anything about what I was taking home. This has lead me to discover a hole range of talented musicians I was unaware of before. Some of the best picks, from all over the globe, are listed below.

Although I have a broad taste for music, and like myself to be surprised, I am especially fond of Spanish flamenco style acoustic guitar. My B&W 602 speakers make such music truly sing... The selection presented below however, is pretty broad, and covers a range of musical styles. I have been deeply moved by some of the CD's below.

Amira - Rosa

Bosnian singer Amira is on this debut album accompanied by the well known artists of the Mostar Sevdah Reunion, but shows to be fully up to the task to accompany these veterans on an exploration into the world of the bitter-sweet Sevdah music.

Ane Brun - A Temporary Dive

Norwegian Ane Brun is a good songwriter and her songs are full of Scandinavian melancholy.

Badi Assad - Wonderland

Great female guitarist and singer from Brasil, her slightly bizar website probably fits her music and personality.

Bévinda - Alegria

Singing with a beautifully emotional and fragile voice, Portugese born Bévinda know lives in France and mixes Fado with other world music influences.

Cibelle - Cibelle

Debut album of this Brazilian singer. Lovely music, with a touch of fado and other Portuguese and Mediterranean influences.

Ghalia Benali - Romeo & Leila

From Tunisian ánd Belgian origins (born there, but youth in Tunisia), Ghalia Benali's warm, deep and highly emotional voice is a perfect match with the accompanying music on this album. Her music draws upon both her Arabic roots and many other world musical influences, but manages to stay true to her Tunisian and Arabic origins. The "live" presence of this recording is phenomenal, if your audio system can convey it.

Habib Koité - Ma Ya

From Mali in Africa, Habib Koité is a great guitarist, composer and singer, and inherited the great musicality of his home country.

Ilya - They died for beauty

Blanca Rojas jazzy voice is accompanied on this CD by her three fellow band members that play some exceptional and very ethereal musical arrangements. Ultimate "lounge" music, very relaxing, there is not a single dissonant in this music. May be to "slick" for some.

Iva Bittová - Cikori

Czech singer Iva Bittova has a very special style of singing that is difficult to describe. Ranging from sweet uttered words to sudden exclamations, her vocal style is very distinct and the capabilities of her voice broad. An exceptional set of musicians accompany her on this CD, which has outstanding recording quality too. A real joy to listen.

Laura Lopez Castro - Laura López Castro y Don Philippe inventan el ser feliz

Wonderfully melancholic songs from Laura Lopez Castro that hit you right in the hart. With influences of jazz and other musical forms, this album is ideal for a warm summer evening.

L'Ham de foc - Cor de porc

From Valčncia in Spain, L'Ham de foc blends both Mediterranean and Celtic / Galician musical influences into something really extraordinary. Mara Aranda is accompanied by multi instrimentalist Efrén López and a few other musicians, who use some unusual but interesting instruments here, creating a very distinct powerful musical style.

Loreena McKennitt - the book of secrets

Coming from a background of more traditional Celtic music, singer and harpist Loreena McKennitt nowadays draws her inspiration from all over the globe, adding depth and warmth to her music.

Madredeus - O Espirito da Paz

Madredeus can not be missing from my top list of favourite music, I love Fado music too...

Ojos de Brujo - Bari

From Spain, Ojos de Brujo peforms a loose but interesting mix of Flamenco with pop music and other influences...

Pepe Habichuela - A Mandeli

Fantastic flamenco guitarist. Every fiber and nerve in my body reacts when I hear him play.

Rodrigo y Gabriela - Rodrigo y Gabriela

Although I tend to loose interest with fully instrumental albums, the work of this young Mexican guitar couple is a whole different story... Their speedy Spanish / Latin style guitar playing is just fantastic. It's accoustic guitar playing on testosterons. If you manage to keep your feet on the ground listening to this album, you must have been cut from stone...

Rokia Traoré - Wanita

Undoubtedly one of the best African musicians at the present times, from Niger. Not only does she have one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heared, she also writes, composes and arranges almost all of her music herself, besides playing guitar on her albums. Her music is among the absolute best from the African continent (and there is a lot to discover there...)

Sara Tavares - Balancé

Another absolutely fantastic female Portuguese singer, born from Cape Verdian parents. This album has been beautifully recorded and gives maximum impact to her beautiful voice and all the instruments. Should make your HIFI installation really sing and be an absolute joy to listen to...

Sarah Brightman - Eden

Using her exceptionally fine voice, Sarah Brightman is equally well adapted in singing classical music, as well as more pop-style music. This CD gives me the thrills.

Sevara Nazarkhan - Sen

Although definitely highly produced and with strong modern pop influences and electronic beats, this album does retain just enough of the regional Uzbekian influences including usage of traditional instruments, to make it very pleasant listning. Beautiful voice as well of Sevara.

Souad Massi - Deb

I always tend to find oriental languages sounding a bit harsh when spoken (just like Dutch sounds to foreigners by the way...). Souad Massi just proves that any language is perfectly suitable for highly emotional and beautiful songs when sung by a talented artist. On this CD she mixes her Algerian roots with all kinds of world music influences.

Teofile Chantre - Azulando

From the Cape Verde islands. Soulful music by singer and musician Teofile Chantre, who has also written lyrics for other artists, most notably Cape Verdian Cesaria Evora.

Waldemar Bastos - Pretaluz

Another great voice of Africa, Waldemar sings of his beloved, but war ridden, home country Angola, using his powerful voice rich of emotion. This album is beautifully recorded as well.